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Why I'm Running

Because of my extensive time as a teacher, leader, and parent in Moore County Schools,  I have an immense amount of gratitude for all that MCS has given myself and my family.  I am equipped to serve on the board because of my strong leadership, communication, and problem solving skills as well as my understanding of the strengths and areas for improvement within the system. 

Main Focus Points if Elected:

  • Culture of BOE: We need to move away from the current drama and instead focus on real problems and improvement for Moore County Schools.

  • Teacher / Staff Recruitment and Retention:  We must work hard and bring NEW IDEAS to keep our great employees in MCS and recruit a pipeline of excellent folks to join the team.  All goals and priorities for Moore County Schools depend upon the quality of the people doing the work.

  • Focus on the Modern Graduate:  We need to make sure our schools are working toward the skills and career pathways that current employers are asking for and needing - especially in STEM.

  • Parent Choice and Market Share:  We must make sure Moore County Schools offers parents the BEST choices for their students- including virtual, blended, and high-quality classroom instruction at every level.  This helps guarantee future success as Moore County grows and changes in the coming years.

Steve at Robotics

Knowledge and Experience

My experience as a current MCS Parent of 3, a former MCS teacher, and a former MCS administrator has given me extensive and firsthand knowledge of:

  • K-12 Curriculum and NC Standard Course of Study

  • Transportation/bussing issues

  • School safety and campus layouts

  • Class size pressures throughout all levels and areas

  • Teaching practices and expectations

  • Teacher time burdens and support systems

  • Career-Technical Education options and pathways 

  • MCS Technology- devices, infrastructure, support needs

  • Digital learning and how to best utilize technology to impact student learning

  • All MCS buildings and facilities

  • Profile of a Modern Graduate - what students of TODAY need, as identified by today's employers

  • Sandhills Community College partnerships for students

  • Budgets, grants, and how MCS allocates funds

  • Parent Choice, market share in MCS, Connect! Academy, blend+ed homeschool programs

  • Staff retention and recruitment strategies (served on this MCS committee voluntarily for 4+ years)

  • Project management for items both large and small

Steve and Samantha

My Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity in all dealings with students, staff, and families

  • Kindness and Courtesy in all interactions

  • Collaborative spirit toward all.  I don't care about political parties or ideology- if you have good ideas to help MCS and a heart to help kids, I am on your team.

  • Gratitude for all I've been blessed with, personally and professionally

  • Servant Leadership as the key approach to supporting students, staff, and families

  • Flexible and Innovative Problem Solving has allowed me throughout my career to approach problems with creativity 

  • Passionate about helping ALL students.  And remember- ALL means ALL.  We must focus on and support the needs of every single student in MCS. 

  • Engineers Mindset - everything can be improved, the work of education is never complete; we learn productively from both successes and failures

  • Have Fun!  School should be fun for both the kids and the adults.  My two favorite sounds to hear when walking through schools is laughter and applause.

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